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  1. I installed the update but it did NOT help. The service is still stating and stopping
  2. @ dcollins On October 8 you wrote: I apologize for the delay, I was on vacation and unfortunately this thread got lost in the shuffle. Our developers have identified the root cause, but there is no workaround currently available. For now, please continue using 3.5.1 as you are and once a new version is available, we can reach out to let you know. ------------------------------------------------------- Did you mean the issue will be solved in the next BIG update (3.6.2)? Or will it be handled in a intermediate update (mb3-setup-consumer-
  3. Thank you. I hope the new version comes soon. I keep getting pop-ups from Malwarebytes wishing me to upgrade.
  4. @dcollins Because Malwarebytes kept signaling there was an upgrade to install I did at last upgrade (again) to version 3.6.1. I was hoping against hope that the issue I had earlier was resolved. But when I saw after upgrading that the problems with MBAMservice were not gone I restored the system restore point I made just before upgrading. Curious is that now the tray icon shows program version 3.6.1 which should read 3.5.1 but also the updates are out of date. I don't know if this is typical for the error Malwarebytes shows on my computers or that this behaviour with the system restore point happens on any other system also. But I thought I should mention it here. Because the above mentioned situation was not save I did re-install version 3.5.1. again. I am really hoping you can help with my issue.
  5. @dcollins Are you making progress with this issue? Is there something more I can do?
  6. @dcollins Are you many progress with this issue? Is there something more I can do?
  7. Is there any news yet? There must be more people with this issue. I have it on both my machines !!!
  8. Normal Safe Mode responds the same as Safe Mode with Networking. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. The MBAMservice stays on in Safe Mode. So no starting and stopping all the time. But still the message "Unable to connect the service" comes up.
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