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  1. I performed the procedure suggested by Ana1379 on the 4 detected malware files (along with Opera, which had a suspicious adjunct file which had been installed at the same time as the malwares); the advert popups have been eliminated and I haven't noticed any undesired side-effects. While the malware hasn't been totally removed, the technique used seems to effectively prevent the bad apps from running without the hassle/risk of rooting the phone. Thanks, Ana1379!
  2. To bring this topic to closure WRT my phone: I was never able to resolve the problem to my satisfaction (ie, could not permanently disable or remove the affected apps). I got a new phone (Mi A2 Lite, which I like much more than the Blu), thinking that I would root (and possibly brick) the Blu. I haven't got around to that yet. D
  3. Thanks for your prompt reply; 'send apps' ticket generated and # PM'd to you. BTW, I'm not able to disable the problematic apps; that option is grayed out for all. I can 'force stop', but the popups eventually re-emerge. Thanks again, D PS: I read your interesting article on Adups. My phone was purchased from Best Buy, and not a discount retailer; does this make it less likely to have been infected by factory-installed ad/malware?
  4. Malwarebytes found Android/Trojan.Fadeb.j on 'Travel Weather Forecast', 'LockApp','com.android.system.acu', and 'Calculator'. System is BLU Studio G2 HD, Android 6.0. These are system applications, and I cannot delete them. I'm getting random advertising popups associated with these apps (ie, sometimes when I open an unrelated app I get an advertisement, and when I minimize it I see that, eg, 'Travel Weather Forecast' is now running. 1) Is there a way to delete these apps without rooting the phone? 2) Do you think this malware was always present on the phone, or is the infecti
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