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  1. Hello, Unfortunately I had to release a bug fix version of the application, and it is once again being flagged by Malwarebytes. I have attached a zip containing the Windows installation application as well as the app executable. I would appreciate it if you could whitelist it. Thanks, Clive AlbumEasyV4.0.1.zip
  2. Hello, I have released an updated version of this application. This is a direct link to the Windows Installer https://sourceforge.net/projects/albumeasy/files/AlbumEasySetupV4.0.0.exe/download Users have reported that the Windows executable is falsely being flagged as MachineLearning/Anomolous.100% I would appreciate it if you could fix this. Thanks, Clive
  3. Hello, AlbumEasy is open source freeware. Users have reported that the Windows executable is falsely being flagged as MachineLearning/Anomolous.100% For example this is a screenshot I have received from a user: The Windows installation can be be downloaded here https://sourceforge.net/projects/albumeasy/files/AlbumEasySetupV3.8.0.exe/download I am not a Windows user nor do I have Malwarebytes so I am unable to provide you with a log. Please could you fix Malwarebytes. Thanks
  4. Hello, I distribute a freeware application called AlbumEasy I have recently released V3.8 for Windows and am now receiving complaints that Malwarebytes is not allowing users to run this version of the application. Best I can tell this has not been an issue for prior versions, how do I get my application whitelisted? The latest release of the installation program AlbumEasySetupV3.8.0.exe can be downloaded here https://sourceforge.net/projects/albumeasy/files/ The information I have been given is that the installation program AlbumEasySetupV3.8.0.exe is not flagged but after installation when trying to run the actual application this is the message they get: Malware: machinelearning/Anomalous.100% Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\AlbumEasy\AlbumEasy.exe Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Clive
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