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  1. Hello Kevin, Thank you for your reply. I did everything you described exactly in that order. Must say that this computer is not mine, is a friend's who asked me to check it. I mention this because I didn't like the idea of connecting my google acct. to an infected PC using Chrome, but I did to solve the problem. I even changed the other sync option: Background sync Not allowing recently closed websites finish sending and receiving data (or somehting like that, my Chrome is in Spanish language) Then I deleted the Google folder from Local and Roamming in %appdata%, sinc
  2. Hello again, I resetted Chrome to the Default settings, then removed everything (malware). Then removed every no-needed software from Windows autoruns and services, then restarted the PC. After the restart I didn't even try to run Chrome, just uninstalled it directly. Then restarted the PC again, downloaded and installed Chrome (using Firefox), as soon as I ran it the extensions/add-ons are there again, so I removed them again with AdwCleaner. I restarted de PC, and then renamed the Chrome.exe to fgdfgd.exe and ran it but they keep appearing over and over, now I'm out
  3. Hello, I searched on internet and on the forums here but cound't find what I'm looking for. I have been using AdwCleaner for a long time, and never found something that couldn't be removed by it. The problem is this: I removed all malware from the computer with antivirus and antimalware software, everything seemed to be running ok, but as soon as I open Google Chrome, it displays the Chrome Cleaner Pro extension/add-on and 3 more unwanted extensions. If I check the computer with AdwCleaner it does detect the malware and removes it but not completely I guess, since after every re
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