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  1. im sorry for my late response. i forgot to mention that the name of the hijacker seems to be mail.ru, hope that helps. here are the logs: Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S13].txt FRST.txt scan.txt scan2.txt
  2. So i was downloading a setup tool from chrome and when i run that tool it installed some programs that were easy to uninstall, however two russian extensions always return after every restart. I don't really know what it does but it displays some products that i should buy on the site. I tried to delete them with Adwcleaner but these extensions are very persistent. Here is a picture: pls help
  3. Looks good for now! I can create another topic if something happened again Thanks for helping me!
  4. I don't know if its a Syncing issue but yes i think i'm syncing chrome from other devices. For the time my PC takes to clean i'm going to use Microsoft Edge. Better than Yahoo Search. Fixlog.txt
  5. Thanks for helping me nasdaq, is it ok if that i already tried fixing a bit and scanned my PC? I forgot to turn on the options to scan all rootkits and archives and i already removed these malwares. Another thing is that i come from Germany and my PC language is also in german. So i expect that all logs are written in german so is that still ok? Scan 1.txt Scan 2.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hi guys Two days ago a problem accured when this chrome extension appeared and whenever im trying to search something on google it will search it with YAHOO SEARCH and often redirect me to windows reimage repair download links. This chrome extension has no picture and is called ''Max Video Player'' and is not removable. Even after installing Adwcleaner and SpyHunter and running them, this extension keeps coming back. SpyHunter will also crash. But i think this happened after i installed some free game from the internet and when i ran the setup from this ''game'' it opened three cmd bars and added three symbols that said ''Play Crossout'' and ''Iphone X'' and more ads. I'm annoyed and want a solution :(((
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