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  1. My PC wasn't having any issues as I said, its just a precautionary measure before anything unexpected happened.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply nasdaq. Did as asked to, ran the tool > Fixlog.txt was created > Pressed "OK" once it was done > My system re-started Below is the file Fixlog.txt
  3. First time I experience something similar so what better place than to come to you gents asking for help. What seemed to be a "friend" was actually proven to be a troll and had me open a very fishy exe file which basicly opened cmd and had some lines. Anyways I was later told by that person that I need to format my PC asap which had me worried, thus I am here. Although I already scanned my PC and found nothing, I'll feel much more comfortable knowing there wasn't any keylogger or spyware etc running on my PC. I hope you can help me, many thanks in advance. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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