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  1. MB suddenly detects trojan in original HP driver pakages on all HP machines. HP extracts their software and driver packages in c:\swsetup\spxxxxx\ where MB detects this trojan in all setup.exe files. In the attached file you'll find an example Thx. MB-trojan-detection.txt
  2. Hi, we've created an installation package with all options ( include Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit). The installer (started with the command "msiexec /a <path to msi file>\xxx.msi /qn /lv <logfile.log>") installs only the "malwarebytes' managed client". The programs Anti-Exploid and Anti-Malware are not installed. The install log shows no failures. Any ideas?
  3. Hello we get anyway an Dialog with the questions for the Client installation path. The Installation File to install the "Managed Client" was created with the Malwarebytes Management Console (Installation Package). Thanks you
  4. Hello all, we've created an Installation Package by the Management Console for the Client. If we start the created EXE-File by hand, the installer prompts a request Window for the installation path on the Client Machine. Question is, why promps the installer the window? How can we resolve the problem? We want deploy the Client by an Installation Package with SCCM. Alternatively we may use the Command Line Parameters. But in the Docu there is no Parameter to commit the "Client Group" in the Management Console. Thanks
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