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  1. Sorry for late reply - couldn't log in using old version of Firefox. Now using Chrome. Anyway, I found out which device was the premium - quite easy really: just run it and see what it says at the top of the window! Only one device says "Premium". One says "Premium Trial", the phone says "Premium trial has expired", and another PC says nothing about Premium.
  2. I have three PCs - 2 running Windows 10 and 1 running Windows XP - and an Android mobile. I got an email saying my subscription payment had failed. This was because my credit card had expired and had been renewed. So I updated the payment information but now I have some questions: 1. It was a year or two ago that I first updated to premium and can't remember which device I updated. 2. How many PCs can I run the Premium on with one license key? 3. How can I tell which of my PCs or my mobile is running the Premium version? I'm not trying to cheat, I just can't remember which of my devices is supposed to be running the Premium version, or whether they all are.
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