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  1. Good day - would like to know if the following site is actually a malicious site or is it safe: <googlecm.hit.gemius.pl> IP address = Reported as a blocked website by MWB Cloud Protection. It was not detected by any engines in a Virus Total scan of the URL. Found forum entries that suggest a link to Coinhive bit coin miner. Looking forward to your guidance. Thanks, Mark
  2. I have scheduled reporting setup, and they were being received via email up to 17-May-2019. Manually generated reports are working; email is received. Just scheduled reports are not. Urgent assistance required to reinstate this feature. Thanks - Mark
  3. Morning - looking to confirm that the following sites are indeed malicious sites croissed.info lucklayed.info Virus Total results flagged them for Malware (by Avira and ESET) Thanks - Mark
  4. MAM - re: your question on reason for using it. I have a HIK Vision NVR, and want to view it remotely from my PC using the iVMS 4500 application. But the application is meant for mobile device OS platforms. When I searched for the iVMS 4500 download for Windows 10, it was suggested that I install bluestacks and this would allow the iVMS 4500 application to run in the emulator on the PC.
  5. @MAM yes, that's it - thanks for the heads up. Will stay far from it! Mark.
  6. Considering downloading the Blue Stacks Apps Player from www.bluestacks.com to use for security camera viewer (HIK vision's iVMS 4500). Virus Total listed the site as safe 0/66, the community has a +34 score - 84 thumbs up and 33 thumbs down. Appreciate any help I can get.
  7. Completely understandable TonyCummins ...I shall wait for Zynthesist to add his "two cents". Cheers.
  8. Wow...thanks Tony - I've alerted the sender to what we've been experiencing. I'm guessing even the sender is unaware of that tracking mechanism embedded in the image. Should I recommend that they remove the image as it has been identified as the source of the issue?
  9. Below is an image of the only area that contains any links in the email - hovering over the URLs shows a link that matches the hypertext (so it's not a redirect to a bad site). The section above the contact info, is an image - hovering over it does not show any link. Would you be willing to look directly at the attachment in one of my earlier posts? Maybe I'm missing something?
  10. Thanks Zynthesist - the host (onlykem) is a supplier; users get email from them on occasion. As soon as the email is opened, the user receives "blocked site" notifications. They haven't clicked any links in the email, so I'm having trouble understanding what about the email is causing the attempts to launch the site. I'm suspecting maybe the images in the signature line, or something of that nature, might be the culprit? But I was hoping Malwarebytes Labs could confirm Maybe I should inform the supplier of the experience?
  11. @KDawg @Karland - so I got a fresh detection today of the same PUP. I checked my detection history and it's the same registry entry each time. I deleted it from quarantine again. After reading the article suggested by KDawg, I could not narrow it down to a specific browser; so I followed the steps suggested for a possible "root kit" infection. The policy for the endpoints has "Scan Rootkits" disabled; I enabled it and ran a scan of the specific device - results came back with 0 threats detected. How do I kick this up to "Support"?
  12. Good day - would like to know if the following site is actually a malicious site or is it safe: <ns-1739.awsdns-25.co.uk> IP address = This was detected on our primary domain controller; executed by dns.exe Thanks, Mark
  13. Hi Miekie - below is the status of our endpoints re: Malwarebytes Version and Protection Update Version. Is it safe to assume that the Protection Update Version is more important than the Malwarebytes engine version? There were 15 "false-positive" detections regarding VSTAPROJECT.DLL. 9 of these were in Quarantine and restored. 5 were under "Remediation Required" - I opted to remediate: will it place the file in Quarantine and allow us to restore? What can I expect to happen here? 1 was under "Detections" - submitted a fresh scan+quarantine...or is no action required here, i.e. the file just won't be detected as malware by the newer "protection versions" Malwarebytes version 1.0.8267 Malwarebytes version 1.0.8217 1.0.8261 1.0.8265 Malwarebytes version 1.0.8145 1.0.8195 1.0.8201 1.0.8215 1.0.8229 1.0.8251 1.0.8253 1.0.8261 1.0.8263 1.0.8265 1.0.8267 1.0.8269 1.0.8271 1.0.8277
  14. Hi David - anyway to know if the analysis of the email attachment is in progress?
  15. @KDawg issue resolved; followed your steps to the letter and scan feature returned. Thanks again!
  16. As Malwarebytes Cloud Endpoint Protection does not automatically scan USB drives, I right click and select "Scan with Malwarebytes" from the context menu. Usually it works, but it is not launching the application. Help?
  17. Thanks Kalrand - I followed those steps on Thursday, and the detection returned yesterday (I repeated the delete from quarantine process this morning, see below) - any thoughts?
  18. We're using Malwarebytes Endpoint Cloud Protection. I ran the Asset Summary report for the managed Endpoints - the spreadsheet has Software Version (Endpoint Agent and Malwarebytes version 3.6.1.xxxx), as well as a Protection Update Version column. Would I be correct in assuming the database information is under the Protection Update Version column? If so then a number of my endpoints still need updating to the last published database. I may have to force an update?
  19. Mieke - is there anything I can check to make sure that the "false-positives" won't reappear after the file is restored?
  20. Thank you for your usual prompt...not mention stress relieving...response. Have a good day.
  21. Received an inordinate number of detections, which have been quarantined, for the following file: C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO 8\VSTA\BIN\VSTAPROJECT.DLL This occured rather suddenly on 30-Nov-2018, on a number of endpoints. Is this a false-positive? If yes, is it okay to restore from quarantine?
  22. I received the following notice yesterday, and today - what do I need to do to permanently remove this issue
  23. Received notice that IP address was blocked for the DNS service in use on the PDC. Is this a false-positive? Check with Virustotal returned the following:
  24. Hey David - no worries. As long as the analysis is done and I can get insight on this item. Cheers
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