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  1. i not sure what you mean by Zip and Zip and attach but i think you mean put the file here so here is a copy Paladins.zip
  2. I'm not sure how it happened but during an update to the Steam game Paladins today my copy of Malwarebytes said the game as Ransomware i'm not sure it is a False positive or not so i thought i would post the report my protection got and give it here so smarter people then me can look over it. -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 9/12/19 Protection Event Time: 2:04 PM Log File: 5749b806-d512-11e9-a4bc-d8c4978e5850.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.625 Update Package Version: 1.0.12427 License: Premium -System Information-
  3. sure i can give you the list of sites i tested on it first one was Bell of Lost souls the site uses clickbait with it titles to rile up people second one was Spiky bits the Site offten uses clickbait titles to grab peoples attention on 3rd party sites like facebook to get people to click links that then take them to their website which then spams them with ads some of which have according to some people i know have had maleware in them Final one was a site called the mary sue which a friend recommended i try to see if it was blocked it focuses on outrage pieces to get you to go to
  4. So i'm a bit confused to how this program handles Clickbait as some sites that are clearly Clickbait related are not blocked while others that are not clickbait are labelled as such i'm a bit confused here
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