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  1. Dear Ron, thank you very much for your prompt response. Unfortunately, I do not seem to be able to access the same chrome sync property page as in the post you mentioned. Maybe because of a Chrome update? For example, trying to access "chrome://settings/syncSetup" redirects me to chrome://settings/people. Thank you for your help.
  2. Dear Malwarebytes Forum, I have found a few topics of discussion in this forum which share my same problem. However, it seems the fix needs to be dealt on an individual basis, so I opened this new Topic. In synthesis, I got infected by the PUP.Optional.Legacy adWare. The only program able to detect it seems to be AdwCleaner. However, even after deleting it, it eventually comes back. I downloaded FRST but it is never able to detect the adware. I attach log files for AdwCleaner and FRST. I currently just finished using AdwCleaner to delete the adware. Now both Adwcleaner and FRST
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