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  1. Thanks for clarifying and taking the time to help me out much appreciated.
  2. Sorry for the late reply here is the log MWB.txt
  3. the original site blocked still shows in items stopped in last 30 days under real time protection but that was the only one that i received in the first place.
  4. My program is up date now. Scans still come back as no detection's as before.
  5. Hello i saw a notification on the MalwareBytes desktop app and it said that a potential malicious site had been blocked on my system. I have not installed anything new on my computer in over a month and scan my system twice a day along with having the real time protection enabled fully. When i expanded the notification it said the it originated from a system file, when i scan my system it says no threats are detected same as when i scan using windows defender. If anyone is able to help clarify if this is a false positive or not it would be much appreciated.
  6. Just tried that command and it says file not found
  7. And do i have to space out everything out that much after DIR or can i just write it as one continuous line
  8. I closed the original command prompt window should i start from the beginning or jusyt the second step you just gave me?
  9. Side note: sorry to hijack this thread to solve me own issue.
  10. I typed this into command prompt that was the one you wanted yes? and i typed in SFC/SCANNOW and he now says beginning verification phase of system scan, is this what i want to see or did i mess up somewhere?
  11. Glad to hear this was a false positive. I deleted the files from quarantine in a state of panic... is this bad or will my system run fine?
  12. Yeah i was only one youtube and twitch.tv, that looks almost indentical to what i got today though i only got 6. Perhaps it could be a false positive seeing that 2 people using entirely diffrent systems and sites got identical results.
  13. To be specific the threats detected were labeled as " Trojan.Emotet.Generic " , all 6 were named the same with 5 being registry keys and 1 being a file. I have not gone on anything i normally wouldnt so im very concerned and confused as to what these are and how i even got them. whats even more confusing is that scans i did only a couple of hours prior all came back as 0 threats.
  14. Hello i recently did a scan on my PC and out of nowhere got 6 threat detection's on my PC. I have not been on any malicious sites only youtube and twitch so i have no idea where these threats came from and i am very very worried at the moment. Just moments before scanning i had a few failed attempts at resetting a password but i dont know if that could have been it. Here the log any help is very welcome and thank you for reading this. Malwarbytes Log.txt
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