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  1. Yeah. As far as I can tell, I don't have any more issues. Thanks for the help!
  2. Well, someone didn't read my post... ? I did look again though and fixlog is apparently placed inside the same folder as FRST, not on the desktop. I've attached the file below. Thanks for the help so far! Fixlog.txt
  3. It should be noted that I'm not seeing the occasional popup, website closing, or fake process any longer.
  4. The tool did not restart or generate a Fixlog after restart. Do I need to run it again?
  5. Okay, here are the new log files. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Sure thing. I'm assuming you want me to do this in safe mode with networking? As I'm sure you read in my post, I can't visit your website or run Malwarebytes on my desktop while running in normal mode. Anyways, I installed the program and ran a scan, then quarantined the selected threats. I was not prompted to reboot but did anyways, into normal mode. While I was able to boot and reopen Malwarebytes, in closed and refused to reopen several seconds later. The fake SvcHost process is still there as well. The log is posted below. Also, may I ask how this relates to what I was told to d
  7. Not to rush you, but can I expect a solution today? I definitely don't want this virus on my PC longer than necessary.
  8. Hi Nasdaq. I took your suggestion and ran it in safe mode and got an error: I selected yes and then ran the Scan. I've attached the generated files below. P.s: Windows Safe Mode doesn't play nice with extra-wide monitors. lol Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. Hey guys, I need help removing what I think is an SvcHost virus. I recently started having adware tabs pop up on my PC and then after searching for solutions found that whenever I opened a Malwarebytes (or similar website) page, my browser would immediately crash. This happens in Chrome, IE, and Tor. I found this thread which seems to be a very similar virus and after reading a few others, I downloaded MalwareBytes, Rkill, adwcleaner, FRST64, tdsskiller, and aswMBR. (I'm typing this on my other PC btw. Downloaded the files on it and emailed them in a .RAR to my desktop.) This lead to
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