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  1. Hi, There's an update already available that should stop this. It seems to have stopped it for me so far.
  2. Hi, I was just about to make a post similar to this. Is it anything google-related by any chance? The ones I'm getting so far are anything that seems to have anything to do with Analytics or Ads.
  3. Ah well. Happy to consider this resolved, in that case. Thanks for your time in helping with this.
  4. Hi, Please see the attached file: Steam.zip The file itself hasn't been modified since September 8th this year, which was probably just one of the many updates they do. I've done another quick scan on the file and it's produced no threats found. I've since re-launched Steam a few times and restarted my system, none of which have caused anything to trigger hence why I think it's just a false positive flag from the game itself being peer-to-peer rather than dedicated servers (which might explain why it's the Steam.exe file coming up instead of the game's file...? I have no idea) I also haven't yet been able to replicate this warning doing anything else as of yet.
  5. Hi, Whilst recently playing a game on Steam (Dead By Daylight being the game in question), I accepted an invite from a friend and joined a full game. Upon joining the full game lobby, a Malwarebytes Ransomware protection box was thrown up with Steam.exe as the executable. The log itself comes up as a 'Website Blocked' log, and strangely does not have a domain attached to it - the box is listed as N/A. I can export & attach if you need to see it. I have not been able to replicate this problem with any other lobbies and invite sessions as of yet, so I suspect it was just a bit wary of the host I was connected to, given that it's a peer-to-peer game and all. I've run a full scan of the drive where my Steam folders are located, and scanned the Steam.exe file separately, with zero results found - and then run a separate scan of my SSD just to be certain and no results have been found. I've checked the Steam.exe executable file, which was accessed at 17:42PM BST, which was the time of being 'blocked' (I'm assuming it comes up as 'accessed' at that time because of the blocking process), and once again at 17:50 BST, which would've been when I was part-way through my scan. I'll keep on going and see if I can replicate this. I look forward to any response you might be able to provide. Cheers.
  6. Hi, My version is 1.0.6729, restarted my system and no warning. Spam opened Cortana and all of my usual triggers, and no warnings so far! Looks like it's fixed up!
  7. Just a heads up guys, they seem to be on it - a staff member's replied to the topic linked below. Judging from the response, I would guess it's a false positive.
  8. Update from my post before (I'm not seeing an edit button unless I'm dense, I haven't been awake long...might need my morning drink...): * The issue first came up for me at 10:55PM UK Time last night, which would place that approximately 10 hours before my post. Just in case that helps a staff member identify where something may have happened? (Assuming it's false positive, I mean.) Has anyone had an instance of this happening before approx. 10 hours ago? * Two warnings when switching on my main laptop. Just for the simple act of logging in. Same website, Canonicalizer. And once again, no file at the end of the website blocked notification.
  9. I'm glad to see this topic's come up, I thought I was going mad! I've done a minor amount of digging on this, and found that the following things trigger it (at least on my end, could be different for others): * Opening Cortana and trying to use the Search function. * Opening my browser, which in this case is Firefox. * Opening and searching via the File Browser. This has only happened once or twice * I restarted the laptop having this issue, and the first thing I was greeted with before anything even had chance to launch was the warning. I haven't yet fired it up this morning but I suspect it will do the same. It could have other triggers that I'm yet to find, but they seem to be the main ones for me at least. These things don't trigger the alert every time the respective programs are opened, which I find a bit strange - it just seems to be the odd time they are opened. I'm also only getting the Canonicalizer 'website' link, not the other one that the original poster has also got. I fired up an older laptop this morning (the one I'm currently using to post this from) and attempted to connect to this Canonicalizer 'website', to get hit by a 'webpage does not exist' webpage from my internet provider. I decided to do the same for the original poster's 'locate.madserver.net' link, and was again hit by a 'webpage does not exist.' What I also find a bit strange about this (although could just be me...) is that sometimes, when opening the malvertising alert there is no file associated with it, and on the others it is always 'SmartScreen.exe.' I'm wondering if anyone else has had the 'no file' issue? I hope the above helps in trying to identify what's causing this issue. I suspect (and hope!) it's a false positive, as I ran AdwCleaner scans alongside multiple threat scans last night - none of which detected anything. I'll run them again this morning but I'm doubtful it'll pick anything up.
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