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  1. The problem is the whole internet, tested on edge chrome firefox, with/out plugins, that even worst now, I don't use MB till an update
  2. Well, whatever one of the fourth protection activated, that slows or stops the access, that's not only ransomware protection or malware protection
  3. that hangs only if MB is running, that's better when ransomware protection isn't running, but definitely way slower than before.
  4. I didn't say that, but of course I'm cleaning the cache of the browser before the test. So I did what you told me, and without ransomware detection, that way way faster, a bit slower than when MB is completely shut down or before the trouble, but nothing super bad about speed. I almost had no trouble to load 23 tabs at the same time, that took a bit more time than it should be, on three tests I had only 2 tabs with the error about no connection etc... So that's better than when ransomware detection is up but the issue is still there
  5. here's the result mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Also when I open a folder with multiple tabs when MB is running, there's a lag which I don't get without MB
  7. Hi, I don't know if I'm the only one, but I have a problem, I have no virus or malware on my PC (ran WD and MD), but since 2 days, I have a problem I identified : My connection seems to be slowed down, some pages won't load or taking time to load (for those which are not loading, I have the message from firefox (or chrome on chrome) to check my connection or firewall), It's really perceptible when I'm loading multiple tabs. My connection my itself is working fine, I did a speedtest. What I did to verify the fact I'm thinking MB is doing something in that, as I said I did virus/malware scan nothing, I didn't download any program (except updates) since a long time, I don't answer to nigerian prince or FBI in my spam. I tried with another computer and that one hasnt MB up to date, and don't have the bug. Mine is up to date recently few days ago. So I shut down MB and relaunch 15-20 tabs at the same time, and no problem, everything is fine. I relaunched MB and its services, relaunch the same tabs, more or less, I have the problem back, slow loading or not loading for most of them. I did the test few times with different websites, I always have the same result, my connection seems to be slowed when MB is up. It feels like a latency, maybe MB is checking too much something on tabs and then it doens't load them as fast as it should. I don't know but I don't think that''s a coincidence after 3-4 attempts that MB isn't doing something wrong. thanks for your help in advance EDIT : MB version : / update package 1.0.17722 / component version 1.0.793
  8. I saw another one who had that performance problem with self-protection the last three months when I googled my problem. And others I saw are about ransomware protection issue, but the problem is maybe mutual, a protection that makes windows laggy, the bug is the same for me. And the problem of ransomware protection is done or not ?
  9. ok, maybe I will do that, I'll try/test how it goes like that, and then if that's not enough, I'll disable self-protection. Is that a common bug, like, is there any chance to get this fixed by devs ? Are they aware some other have this too ?
  10. I don't understand why MB was telling me I was up to date, I did the update, that's a way better but it's still a bit laggy, I would say that decrease the problem by 80-90%. Whatever I disable or unable all of four protections, the problem persists, but when I disable self protection in settings, it's getting almost perfect now. My opinion of the issue, I'm going into a folder with a lot of wallpaper and I select multiple folders/images, and that's not smooth, except when MB is turned off, not just protections... and also thanks for your answer
  11. Hi I have exactly the same problem when MB is running, that slow down the system, when I turn it off, everything is back to normal. whatever I disable or unable all of four protections, the problem persists, but when I disable self protection in settings, it's getting better but not as perfect as before. I'm running windows defender and MB on win10 1803, I ran a scan on WD, MB, adwcleaner and roguekiller, my computer has nothing at all, I didn't download anything the past months and with ublock + filters, I'm also safe here, the issue came since few updates of MD before. here's my MB : MB version : Component version : 1.0.374 Update version : 1.0.6697 Thanks in advance for your help or at least report the problem to the dev, because apparently there's a lot of message like that recently.
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