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  1. Update: Malwarebytes finaly deleted SppExtComObjPatcher.exe by detecting it and putting it in Quarantine serval times. I haven't seen it detect it anymore and I didn't find it in my Registry. I haven't seen any other fishy extensions on Chrome. (aka It didn't hijack into my Chrome) I haven't seen any other fishy files upon scanning my PC. (aka It didn't create any harmful programs on my PC) My PC still has its' fast speed, like usual. No problems when starting up or playing games. Summary: Malwarebytes has gotten rid of an annoying rootkit-behaving malware. close thread
  2. Greetings Kevin. There are the files you have asked for. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Whenever I boot up my PC, I always see Malwarebytes blocking a program called "SppExtComObjPatcher.exe". Once it was quarantined and deleted, it keeps on coming back. My PC does NOT encounter any performance difficulties or has any other extension that seems fishy for my browser. However, Malwarebytes keeps on detecting this program and I don't know what should I do about it. When I delete the quarantined programs and perform a Threat Scan with Malwarebytes, it doesn't find anything. When I delete the quarantined programs and scan with AdwCleaner 7.2.3, it also doesn't find anything. Any help?
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