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  1. VirusTotal gets a new GUI but still not available directly via typing virustotal.com. New GUI Link (from their support staff) : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload
  2. Additional vendor with threat map : Zonealarm by CheckPoint : https://threatmap.checkpoint.com/ThreatPortal/livemap.html FireEye : https://www.fireeye.com/cyber-map/threat-map.html Fortinet : https://threatmap.fortiguard.com/
  3. getting error while activating mbam for windows. image attached
  4. Malwarebytes License Issue. Reported to Support. If someone can staff look into ticket number : 2499975
  5. you can use dws lite software and download it from github which will disable all the pying ips of microsoft on windows 10, and will add thoae to your host file and windows firewall even it provides option to forcefully disable windows updates...
  6. you can go forward and drop all those links in the support email for best help.
  7. you can even drop a mail down to support : https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us the page also consists of chat option (support chat staff might be available according to the time provided in the link)
  8. Malwarebytes : https://www.malwarebytes.com/remediationmap/ Kaspersky : https://cybermap.kaspersky.com/ Bitdefender : https://threatmap.bitdefender.com/ If any vendor, please update the list. Best Reagards
  9. Since you were a part of the malwarebytes team, is it possible for you to talk directly to @RubbeR DuckY (marcin) about this, and see what he thinks about this(just a namely suggestion)
  10. To add here, today's world is basically all about making money, so hackers are more into developing ransomwares, for which all the security vendors including malwarebytes are already working 24*7 Atleast, we can say that, Malware was past(though they still might be developed) but Ransomware is future.
  11. I am using BD because, there are some malwares/ viruses that malwarebytes does not targets. It is not that I do not love malwarebytes, and if I would not have loved malwarebytes I would not have used it. You need to understand there are some file extensions that malwarebytes does not target and to get yourself protected against those you need proper Antivirus. As per my knowledge, malwarebytes does not target some viruses, .doc or script based files and many other extension types and this is where a need for Bitdefender comes in.
  12. Also this below link by av comparatives provide information relate to 3rd party antivirus that some of the vendors use. https://www.av-comparatives.org/list-of-consumer-av-vendors-pc/
  13. @Solitario talking about qihoo 360, which uses avira and bitdefender engine, note that even if both of the engines are turned on with respect to qihoo owns engine , they still do not recieve complete (meaning 100% signature based detection). I do not know why, but on personally scanning of about 75000 samples of malware, qihoo enabled with both avira and bitdefender engine detected only around 40000 samples, whereas escan which only uses bitdefender engine detected around 63000 samples and emsisoft which again uses its own engine with bitdefender engine detected around 66000 samples. So what I am trying to say here is that there might be some restriction provided by bitdefender even in sharing its signature based engine with other AV. On personal note I am using bitdefender free (which uses exactly same signature, cloud, heuristic engine as that of its paid version, with same phishing and malicious website blocking technology) with malwarebytes premium.
  14. @dcollins thanks for the link devin, was not aware of that. But from reading the topic I came to know about the way malwarebytes work. It is written that "We mostly rely on other methods, such as hardening, application behavior, and vector blocking defenses that disrupt malware earlier in the attack chain" .This is not only true with malwarebytes, even all other vendors, some of the best in the market like bitdefender, kaspersky, norton and many more also utilize the same technology in their own ways. That said there should be some sort of test regarding this category. I will try to get in contact with av test if they will plan to improve in the way they are detecting the malware which is currently limited to signature based.
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