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  1. rubberswip

    Linux Weird files.

    Check out this below link, with some more information regarding your exact problem : https://stateofsecurity.com/?p=4126 It might be a Linux.Mirai attack & malwarebytes does not target Linux malware. You need an antimalware solution targeting linux malware such as kaspersky, eset or bitdefender.
  2. rubberswip

    Some Help

    Thanks @exile360 ,it helped 😎
  3. rubberswip

    Some Help

    can you guide me what each steps does. thanks
  4. rubberswip

    Some Help

    I have my Papers coming up, so I needed some help related to the below question, if someone can help : Explain the purpose of each segment marked (i) to (vi) of the following program. What this program will do? (i) int i; int marks[20]; (ii) for (i=0; i<20; i++) { (iii) printf (“Enter the number”); scanf (“%d”, &marks ; (iv)if (marks < 40) printf("Not Successful"); (v) if (marks >= 40) && (marks < 60)) printf("Passed in Second Division); (vi)if (marks >= 60 printf("Passed in First Division); }
  5. rubberswip

    EA Sports Cricket 07

    Malwarebytes is blocking the launcher of famous game Cricket 07 by EA Sports. This makes it unable to launch the game. Cricket07.zip
  6. rubberswip

    false blocking

    checked, issue resolved, thanks :)
  7. rubberswip

    false blocking

    currently using malwarebytes chrome extension and it is blocking virustotal.com , sounds weird. Image attached
  8. rubberswip

    update interval

    how often does malwarebytes extension for chrome updates itself (time interval between 2 successful update). Also does it store the list of updated links on the PC itself like that of standalone product.

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