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  1. no problem, just installed superantispyware and it stopped GG
  2. My laptop types 6's everywh6ere, so6 i'ts hard to write anything myself I6 cant use the laptop6 keyboard because it's broken, so i6've got an external one connected by USB I guess it's malware cause, it never happened before and i6've been using this e6xternal keyboar6d for a long6 time HELP!6
  3. Ok, here it goes Thanks ron, you are lovely! greetings from argentina addtion.txt adwclean.txt fiorst.txt malwarebytes.txt
  4. So lets i say opened my computer (on teamspeak) to a stranger on Facebook to make some money. Next day i find my computer is for starters without a firewall and no internet connection whatsoever. Iformated my pc, all ok.but i still fear my asus is vulnerable to attacks. How can i be sure that no one can Access my pc?
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