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  1. Started getting pop-up flagging this site as a trojan Tuesday, Oct. 9. I had been visiting these sites without incident on a daily basis prior. Attachment 1 shows the report from the first incident encountered. Also getting similar pop-ups from a total of 7 other related sites, as shown in the second attachment. Note that IP addresses aren't the same, but aren't always different, either (the domain name behind them all seem to be securegames.iwin.com) Note also that whenever I visit one of these site, anywhere between 1 and 3 reports are generated per visit. They look identical, except for the port number entry, but I haven't had a hard look at them to see if anything else differs. Were entries for these sites added to Malwarbytes on 10/8 or early 10/9, or perhaps did the sites in question add something that triggered existing Malwarebytes procedures? Please let me know if you need any further information. Thank you. Detnews game trojan report.txt Attachment 1 - Detnews game trojan report.txt Attachment 2 - Other Detnews game sites reporting trojans.txt
  2. Thank you, sir. Appreciated. In case it means anything, back when I first reported the issue, it was not because of the "qrc" issue, but that when I clicked the "special offer" button, it took me to a web page that (presumably) was associated with the offer, but was then immediately transferred to a second page that basically said I was ineligible for the offer. After a couple weeks, I tried again and started getting the "qrc" box. Since part of the initial reporting was giving them the URL of the web pages, I went back yesterday and tried to directly load into my browser (FF) the URL that I initially reported - and got what appeared to be the same results as originally - one page, followed immediately by the second "you're ineligible" page. Just in case it's useful. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the info. I originally thought it might be a new kind of executable (thus the need for an MS Store-provided app to execute it). I'm sure they'll get things squared away eventually. Thanks again.
  4. Trying to access a two-year renewal offer, as opposed to a one-year auto-renew. When I click either of the two "renewal offer" buttons on the dashboard, I get a pop-up window saying "You'll need a new app to open this qrc", underneath that it says "Look for an app in the store". When I click that, and then the OK button that lights up, I get a "No apps found for this filtering" window from the Microsoft Store. * What is a qrc, and what does Windows 10 need to open it? * Is there an alternative way to access the two-year renewal offer (ie, without going through the MWB dashboard)? I opened a support ticket ( 2377898 ) back at the end of July. No resolution yet - my subscription has been extended once so far) while a fix is being researched, but I thought I'd ask about the "qrc" business here for my own knowledge. Thank you for any enlightenment you can bring.
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