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  1. Sorry for the incomplete post. Just wanted to know if there is any other good A/V apps that work with M/B without complaints and work arounds. If this needs another thread, I will start it. Thanks for everyone's help Just for reference I've posted the support log, if it needs to be review. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. It seems to be working now. I was able to find Lenovo's RapidBoot in the W7's programs and features and uninstalled it. But now the BitDefender is complaining of another AV and it needs to be removed. Is there any other Fixlog.txt
  3. This is the log after I stopped and restarted the MBamservice.exe, which automatically started the MBAMtray.exe. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Sorry for the delay, here the requested log from your process listed above. The MB was not reinstalled and this is from a simple startup with no MB icon in the system tray. And MBamtray.exe is not appearing in processes or services. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. In the hope of saving time and for a complete understanding, I will send the logs from the procedure listed above, with the MB not uninstalled reinstalled. Just after powering up the laptop, logging in, in the hopes the logs point to the problem.
  6. Sorry for not getting back sooner. I did use the SEP CleanWipe utility then rebooted the laptop before running the MalwareBytes support tool , 1-1.2.471, which the software was uninstalled, rebooted and installed. There was no A/V on the system during the MB support tool. The original log posted was created after those procedures were done. Presently I have installed the bitdefender, trail version. The laptop is with my son at his dorm, so I can't create a fresh set of logs, until this weekend. Let me know if I need to run another reinstall and create a set of logs and I'll gather them when I get the laptop.
  7. The problem is still there. The mbamtray.exe will not appear in the process tab of the task manager until the MBAMService.exe has been 'End Process'. Not sure what else to cover.
  8. I have a Windows 7 SP1 on a Thinkpad X220. MalwareBytes version (Premium edition) Component package version 1.0.441 Update package version 1.0.6625 From a cold startup or reboot the MB does not appear in the system tray and Mbamtray.exe is not showing in the process tab in Task Manager If I do the following: In the process tab and select the MBAMService.exe, then End Process, the Service will restart as expected and then the mbamtray.exe will run. If i try to start the MB from the desktop icon it will not start until I run the procedure above. I have removed my Symantec SEP from the system, will be installing Bitdefender after MB is working correctly, (hopefully). I have used the support tool , 1-1.2.471 to uninstall and reinstall and still have the tray starting failure. Attached in the support log for review. I have seen other instances of this problem but the ones I found were with W8/8/1 and W10, and disabling fast start in Windows fixed the issue. As far as I know, W7 or this Thinkpad does not have the fast start feature. mbst-grab-results.zip
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