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  1. Corrupted, huh? That would explain a lot. Also, my bad, indeed 14. Afraid "Update Now" sends me to shop Nevermind its probably about premium, not about tool itself. As for informations I've gathered, here is how it went: >It started to delay discord (for few hours) Then, within hour: >It started to block discord messages (the moment they were sent, they were red. Had to right-click on each and re-send) >Then re-sending stopped working >Then loading some servers became impossible >Then same with images. >Eventually entire app was cut off internet (so, it probably cut connection, not app itself - I think whitelisting IP and domain helped solving issue most), and site itself (one you use to access app online if program isn't working) was unaccesible (but "down for everyone" site listed it as being online) mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. http://prntscr.com/kpt079 Mentioned annoying notification that pops up way too often.
  3. >Popups state that I have turned off the active defense - even when it was still active. Especially during World of Warships. >All "active" options aside of anti-ransomware. Active web defense and such. >Fair. Log is pretty much always same: http://prntscr.com/kprj00 >There is list of known issues between Malwarebytes and Discord that can be found via google search. Here is list of exceptions I had to add to make Discord work again, in addition to disabling active defenses: http://prntscr.com/kprin1
  4. >PC acts weird >Install Malwarebytes >It asks if I want to try Premium for 30 days. I say no. >Activates trial anyway >Annoying popups all the time >Try disabling features >Still some annoying popups >Especially everytime I run play.pokemonshowdown.com and it tells me that unaffiliated site is malware >Today my Discord starts acting differently >First it lags, then all messages fail to send properly and I have to manually resend for it to work >Then even that stops working. >Cue adding all ways to whitelist discord >Still doesn't work >Turn Malwarebytes off >Discord doesn't work >Turn it on again >Discord works for moment, again doesnt >Add more whitelists >Turn off all protection except ransomware one >Still doesn't work >Turn Malwarebytes off >Doesn't work >Turn it back on >Discord finally works >Still get "Turned off real-time protection" Notifications despite fact I did it long time ago. >They appear over and over again >Installed Malwarebytes to get rid of issue that was slowing down PC >Only didn't uinstall it cuz it seems to quarantine instead of remove bitcoin miners >Seems like Malwarebytes is worse malware than all these bitcoin miners combined >At least more annoying Help.
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