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  1. Here you go sir, Even when AdwCleaner successfully removed them, the files seem to just sprout back when Chrome is opened:( FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. That's what I thought too. A clean install should make google the homepage especially if I DLed it from google. Unfortunately I cant recall any program. If it is a software I downloaded I have no problem uninstalling them all. As a side note, previously I have deleted the extension files in the registry and local app data folders. Seems that didn't help. Here are the logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. No I DLed Chrom straight from google. Did the clean boot. Returned the same ones. I cleaned it and restarted it and it successfully deleted them. But I'm pretty sure as soon as I open chrome it'll come back. I guess I should try that? AdwCleaner[S31].txt
  4. Thanks for the links! I've did as requested. Can I keep AdwCleaner and Rkill? Also if those chrome settings are not malicious why do they show up on AdwCleaner? and how can bing and MSN be "default" for chrome?
  5. Here are the logs. The chrome section really baffles me. Idk why it says msn is homepage, and bing is search engine. (I have google set for both). Very creepy. And those extensions in the registry, unless Im misinterpreting I currently don't have any extensions on chrome as Im not using it right now. Addition[9-8].txt FRST9-8.txt
  6. Well I followed that to a tee. For the first time upon restart AdwCleaner succesfully removed both PUP.Optional.Legacy: MSN Homepage and Bing Search and PUP.Optional.SecuredSearches. Log said it was deleted and a rescan turned up clean. Then as soon as I open Chrome (all the settings good, no sync, etc) the same message shows that those two extensions have showed up and a rescan of AdwCleaner shows the same old same old. WTH! I'm contemplating just not using Chrome. I don't know how malicious these are. I've noticed some of these threads with the same extensions, some seem to not get solved.. AdwCleaner[C19].txt AdwCleaner[S20].txt
  7. Did all this exactly as you stated and these unwanted extensions keep showing up on reinstall. I attached the Malware Bytes Adware log. I click remove from Chrome for each and it still shows up on the scan. I also have windows security center fully on with all features. These viruses or whateve they are, are worrying me ! AdwCleaner[S14].txt
  8. Hi kevinf80, Thanks for the reply. I did as requested and posted the logs. When I got into chrome, the browser let me know of extensions MSN Bing Search Engine and Secured Searche (first time It did that). I clicked remove for both of them. However running Adware again, as you can see in the log, still turns it up. For windows defender I have all the services turned on except "Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service" System restore it says the following: OS (C:) (System) On PBR Image Off Fixlog.txt Zelmara Scan.txt AdwCleaner[S11].txt
  9. Hello, Malware does not detect anything but running AdwCleaner gets me PUP.Optional.Legacy PUP.Optional.SecuredSearches PUP.Optional.SearchManager I deleted all other search engines except Google. Deleted extensions I did not really need, reset sync, and ran a malware scan on Chrome. Everytime AdwCleaner scans and restarts my computer the three muusketeers are still there. PLEASE HELP!1 AdwCleaner[C01].txt MalwareScan.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
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