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  1. Thank you much for the quick reply. I'm impressed. I do apologize for my brain damage. Yes, that is it, AdBlock Master (Their other app is Adware Doctor that I apparently tried to combine into one app). I will check the web link that you've added. I've only just decided to look the MalwareBytes option, downloaded the Free Version and still reading all that it can do. I'd, of course, like to be sure that I have appropriate adware blocking also. I have an iMac, a MacBook Pro and a Gaming PC, so I do like that Malwarebytes offers multi-platform in the upgraded version. Again, I appreciate the quick response. Best Regards
  2. I have 'Adware Master' downloaded from Apple App Store. I've now installed 'MalwareBytes'. The problem is 'Adware Master' says Malwarebytes is adware that needs to be removed and 'MalwareBytes' says Adware Master is Malware that needs to be removed. How do I make these two play nice together?
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