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  1. Is there now or will there be a Browser Extension add-on for Internet Explorer 11? I read in today's newsletter your advice to have a password manager. I've been reluctant up until now to install one because it seems that giving all my passwords to an outside entity increases rather than decreases the possibility of a breach since the outside database would be an obvious target for a hacker whereas my own little Win 10 Credential Manager only has a one in many, many millions chance of being hacked. Nevertheless Microsoft has made Win 10 Credential Manager a nightmare by not allowing the user to reverse the yes/no save option after the first entry. If Malwarebytes were to recommend a specific password manager that it considers safe, I would reconsider. Does Malwarebytes have a password manager recommendation?
  2. Treed is absolutely right & I thank him! I downloaded the Malwarebytes app from the Amazon Store, it loaded, updated its database & ran a scan. The only drawback right now is that it loaded as a free Premium trial so I guess I'll have to wait 30 days to enter my present license code. Thanks again to treed & to all the men & women of Malwarebytes (including those lucky enough to live in Tallinn).
  3. Is there a project in development for a Malwarebytes version for Kindle Fire tablets by Amazon? I understand that their operating system is a proprietary variant of Android but several other software products have been written, apparently with Amazon approval, because they are available for download at the Amazon Store?
  4. My wife and I had the pleasure of taking a guided tour of the Baltic countries earlier this summer. We began in Tallinn, Estonia. Coming in from the airport, high on the side of the first modern office building we passed was the Malwarebytes name and logo. We were only in Tallinn for two days but we loved it. Now we're jealous of the lucky Malwarebytes employees who live and work there.
  5. Are there any plans to produce a Malwarebytes for Kindle particularly for the Fire tablets?
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