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  1. Done and dusted. Thanks for all your help. Exile360, thank you for your detailed, clear instructions.
  2. You mean: go to Task Manager, Malwarebytes Tray Application, end task? Then immediately do upgrade? I don't even know what that M'bytes Tray Application is, or what it does. Thanks so much for your prompt response!!
  3. Attempted update of Windows version from 1909 to 2004 failed to install on July 19. I was instructed to disable my anti-virus. I saw that there was a problem with Malwarebytes, read about the problems and decided to wait. I just updated Google Chrome to version 85.0.4183.83. I just updated Malwarebytes to version, update package version 1.0.29049, component package version 1.0.1025. Is it safe to go ahead and update to Windows 2004? Have the problems been resolved? Thanks in advance.
  4. After two days, this issue has apparently resolved itself. Open Office was still blocked yesterday, but I can access it today. We'll see what happens going forward.
  5. I was using Open Office when M'bytes gave me notification that it had blocked Ransomware (Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic). Open Office shut down. When I tried to re-access it, I got notification "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file." I am still using Windows 10 Version 1909. The last time I tried to upgrade to Version 2004, the upgrade failed and I was told to disable my antivirus. I did not want to disable M'bytes so I have not yet upgraded. Is this part of the problem? Has M'bytes fixed the problem (browsing this forum I saw that there was, indeed, a problem)
  6. Becky - I am monitoring this thread for updates, so thank you for this information. I turned off MB Web Protection. MB Web Protection vs. Avast RealSite: six of one/half-dozen of other? or which is better to leave enabled? Thanks to MB staff & experts for following up on this.
  7. Zdenal, by "everything" do you mean, in addition to M'bytes, the problems of frozen/hung computer, inability to access sites, inability to shut down computer correctly. I have been struggling with this for a week now, following suggestions on Avast thread which have not helped. I have now turned off MB Web Protection but do not like orange admonition. I was ready to disable Avast RealSite Protection but will wait to hear from other users - unless my computer continues to freeze up every ten minutes. It was also suggested to uninstall the Avast "do not disturb" module. What do users think?
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