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  1. Becky - I am monitoring this thread for updates, so thank you for this information. I turned off MB Web Protection. MB Web Protection vs. Avast RealSite: six of one/half-dozen of other? or which is better to leave enabled? Thanks to MB staff & experts for following up on this.
  2. Zdenal, by "everything" do you mean, in addition to M'bytes, the problems of frozen/hung computer, inability to access sites, inability to shut down computer correctly. I have been struggling with this for a week now, following suggestions on Avast thread which have not helped. I have now turned off MB Web Protection but do not like orange admonition. I was ready to disable Avast RealSite Protection but will wait to hear from other users - unless my computer continues to freeze up every ten minutes. It was also suggested to uninstall the Avast "do not disturb" module. What do users think? dcollins: your wife should forgive you - this is a noble cause. Please continue to follow up and keep us informed. This is quite an awful problem. Gale
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