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  1. Hello again, so, this issue was accured long time ago, like 6 months ago, but I was too shy to share this with you [even if this happening only in my phone]. Well, I don't like to explain, because I can't properly format my words and sentenses, so instead I make a video [don't mind poor quality]: I also had FIREWALL no root program, as you can see that flame [recorder wants really bad that network xDDD]. So, NO those *.fota updates and others stuff to spy on us are connected to network.
  2. Hello guys & Ladies, I don't know what happening, but in my Android device, there was virus, which spreading very fast. I did Factory reset [hard reset], still, when I turn on my WIFI, he automatically downloading and doesn't notice me, 'til Google play protector notice. Net auto-installing those apps: enginee xprotect Yeelight Citrix Secure Mail etc, etc, can't remember How do I remove them?
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