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  1. sir, i scanned it with the anti-rootkit and rebooted it. then , scan it with mbam it is still there. mbar-log-2018-09-09 (14-57-28).txt mbam scan.txt
  2. hi, thank you for your reply. downloaded combofix, since i didnt see the run or save pop up i just copied it from my downloads to desktop. once i open the laptop i scan it with malwarebytes first then scan it with combofix. didnt do anything except i have seen a folder in c which have alot of letters i opened it there is cmd, regdellnull, svchost and other system files after that combofix disappear from my desktop. cant see the hidden files. i think it overrides the commands and delete anything that harms it .hellpppppp. no log.txt combofix deleted on its own. help pls.
  3. So i have that annoying hku goes back and back. I tried deleting it manually without mbam scans first,then, (i cant delete it even with regdellnull) it deleted my computer cant open anything, so i force shut down laptop. user got deleted and created another user without admin rights and cant open task manager. my laptop would be doomed if not for mbam but it is still there and always comes back. help in deleting that *****.? i also got those annoying pop-up shortcuts that always comes back image is shown below. Addition.txt FRST.txt hku disable registry and task manager appe
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