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  1. I have tried both Firefox and Chrome browsers (firefox is default) and had to reset it to get back in to reply to you - even though i reset it an hr ago to make post on new scam site.... Both say the same thing I avoid MS IE and Edge browsers if possible PC is up to date, browsers up to date, and of course - no malware since i use MBAM I'm the "lucky one" i guess LOL Any help would be appreciated I often login to read and keep myself updated But sometimes log in to post new rogue/scam websites (since i'm a remote pc tech - i come across more than the average user lol) and it's frustrating to always have to reset pw to get in to do the post LOL
  2. Hello. I have followed your rules, and every time i come back to post a new rogue site etc, i login and it says " The username or password was incorrect. Please try again (make sure your caps lock is off)." I do forgot password - get email and click link and reset password and it lets me login But i have to do this EVERY time i try to log in I have used lastpass to auto fill I've used copy paste from my pw spreadsheet and i've tried typing it in... the last 3 times, i have used the same password and it takes it - so i know it conforms to the rules... (mix of letters/cap and small/numbers, not a real word) But again - if i log out - and come back later to log in - it has issue and i have to do reset pw again. Not sure why? Can someone check this for me? Thanks Crystal Z
  3. Hello - i work with My Computer Works, Inc. We sell Malwarebytes to our clients as it is the top notch Anti-Malware program available. Today - i was on a clients pc and running our tools to check pc - and i got a popup from MBAM saying our site was blocked for trojan? we have no trojan on our site Log below our tool calls MCWGet (a WGet file named MCWGet that our tools call to check our site for updates to flash/java etc) and it blocked that from running as a trojan for calling our site. The file is signed and valid. log below please remove this flase positive. Thankyou Crystal Z MCW Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2a8919c63a924ed9a36a1de2dae41388dfae28dd240bba2fc9542f475ba8effe/analysis/ as of 6 weeks ago https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2a8919c63a924ed9a36a1de2dae41388dfae28dd240bba2fc9542f475ba8effe/analysis/1552926528/ as of the defs VT has right now, including mbam wish they listed the vendors def number mbam blocked mcwget.txt
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