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  1. Alright, I'll add it anyways; thank you for your assistance in removing this infection, as I'm pretty sure it had initially placed a cryptocurrency miner (and possibly a keylogger) on my PC (based on what my first Malwarebytes scan found before I considered posting here). Is there any way to report the domain associated with these activities though, possibly to have it shut down or flagged?
  2. Coincidentaly, the last block I recieved from MB was on the 26th, however, all the previous blocks have illustrated a pattern of attempting to connect at the 57th minute of the hour they were executed: If this happens again, I will be sure to note this here. I intend to purchase a malwarebytes license soon (on my next payroll), which means I will not have realtime protection until sometime during the middle of next week. Would it be wise to add an IP block for the address associated with wentz.pw in my router's settings?
  3. Here it is: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/4397991a569e15ec367fe3d84075109b8576201555150bb9b54f773bd9a6bc18/detection
  4. Sorry about the double-post, but here are my log files Addition.txt FRST.txt malwarebytes_scan.txt
  5. Hi, I apologize for the delay in my response, I will be able to provide logs shortly.
  6. Back on August 17, I installed Malwarebytes on my machine since I was having performance issues. The scan found 16 threats on my PC, and removed them as such. Even after this scan though, and several others, Windows Powershell is still performing some suspicious activity. Malwarebytes will occasionally notify me of an outbound connection to "wentz.pw" that Powershell keeps attempting to make. This is classified as "riskware", but I'm concerned since I can't get rid of it. Attached is the log for the most recent connection attempt. blocklog.txt
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