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  1. For some reason part of my post got cut out - found that my expert system algorithms were turned on. Once turned off - issue was resolved.
  2. Just to be clear - ensured that MB was completely up to date after a fresh install. Rebooted. No change - still detected the file. I then deleted the file HubbleCache (as directed above) - still no change. Went in and looked at the security settings; found that it was enabled so disabled it. Reran the scan - no false positives this time. I can include a copy of the file in question (was located c:\windows\pe_rom.dll)
  3. Still not fixed. Completely uninstalled MB; rebooted; and deleted all files/folders. Fresh install from newly downloaded copy still is detecting this file.
  4. Exactly what happened to me - two systems; only one was experiencing issues at the time. I spent days switching hardware around trying to figure out what was going on. I even ended up reinstalling windows numerous times. Eventually ended up buying a new power supply; switched it out; and then the other system started having issues as well - and then I found this thread. Turning off the web protection did the trick for both systems. Not mad about the new power supply because I'm looking to upgrade video boards so will need it eventually anyhow. I understand that things happen - but a bit more t
  5. Adding in my two cents as well: I also suspect that this is a much more prevalent issue than what is being reported - just simply most users experiencing this issue haven't figured out (yet) that it's malwarebytes causing the issue. Speaking from personal experience, I had 1 system that's been locking up intermittently since around December 13th, and the 2nd system just started locking up about a week ago. Both sets of hardware are pretty near polar opposites of one another. It's taken me all this time to figure out that it was malwarebytes in both cases. The 1st system - has complet
  6. Just wanted to post a follow up - as stated - the Real Site Protection needs to be disabled; also - I found that Avast's "Do Not Disturb" option is still causing system sluggishness and often an inability for windows to shutdown correctly (contrary to the posts in Avast's forums - it is apparently not fixed). My final temporary solution to all this (until things are sorted out) is to completely uninstall Avast's "Do Not Disturb" module, and set Malwarebytes up to turn on everything excluding "Web Protection". By doing this, my systems stability has been completely restored. I'm sharing th
  7. I should have added that into my post as well - I have added in the entire folder exclusions for both programs as appropriate.
  8. Confirming as well.. both programs have been "playing nicely" together until avast's most recent patch. If both programs are running, I experience a multitude of issues - inability to open/load programs; sluggish &/or no response from the PC; frequent lockups; inability to properly shutdown windows - just to name a few. I've gone so far as to completely reinstall windows etc thinking the update caused some sort of registry corruption. I've also put the following exclusions in avast: AV Exclusions List with paths... C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\as
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