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  1. I believe the issue has been resolved. Have not gotten any more of those annoying malvertisement blocks. And scans have come up clean. Thank you @nasdaq
  2. also see attached report of the malvertisement block. malvertising block fraud2.txt
  3. Hi @nasdaq I followed the instructions and reset the Chrome sync. But it is still like throwing the same malvertisement block. see screenshot
  4. @munroi also has similar issue with annoying repeated fraudulent "pushwhy" website being blocked
  5. @nasdaq what should I do to resolve it? @munroi
  6. See attached reports Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Report 1.16.2019.txt
  7. Hello, I keep getting an incessant annoying repeated block on some "malvertising" for "fraud". I don't know why i keep getting this- it says it is some 'outbound connection' that is blocked. I scanned my system with malwarebytes after updating and also scanned with the AdwCleaner - and it says nothing is found. I attached a report of the malvertisement blocked. Can someone help me with this? malvertising block fraud.txt
  8. attached are the generated results from the tool mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. I tried downloading and running the malwarebytes support tool but it is asking for email and ticket number. where can i find the ticket info?... <EDIT> Never mind.... <smack self> </EDIT>
  10. Hello, my computer has very high RAM usage ~90% for no apparent reason. I restarted it in safe mode w/ networking and tried to run malwarebytes to do a malware scan. But when i did, it said "unable to connect to service". I've attached the logs for FRST and the Addition.txt. mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
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