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  1. Thanx Al Varnal... Jim B here,,...I'll just continue with ClamXav when and if M-Bytes Fails to give me new info... Isn't ClamX sufficient for my Yosemite oldie? Jim B
  2. Hey Al Varnell: Imagine seeing you on this Forum. I’m JIM B from Clamxav days. Remember me? Now that I’ve got you, Are there any of the Ransom malware type virus around for Mac users? I have Malwarebytes Premium on my old iMac, plus a copy of “Ransomwhere” running in background. And, , of course, I have ClamXav as well. I have Malwarebytes Premium on my iPad and iPhone as well. As far as you know, any penetration of viruses on iOS (iPad/iPhone) lately ..or ever? The iMac is still on Yosemite(macOS 10.10.5),,,, so guess i’m stuck there until a new one arrives (affordable one?). anyhow, ni
  3. Thomas: Thank you for this reply. Yeah...we now have it straight w/Support. “John” is helping me. He knows what my question is re: the email I received from Malwarebytes concerning a new idea on pricing multiple copies for more than 1 device. My problem was I cant open the message. I’m waiting to hear from John. This thread can be closed. Thanks Jim B PS My Real problem was posing questions about TWO different situations in same ticket. I apologize PPS; My very first query was about the Forum looking at my reply posts and seeing SPAM? That is cleared
  4. I’m not sure of what you propose? I have been a user of Clam since 2004. Mark Allan is not any creepy creature trying to take over your machine or mine.. He also does not answer to any Apple process regarding ASC. And if malware was installed..a recent Malwarebytes scan on my system could not find it. I am not trying any of your suggestions. I suggest YOU post a question for Al Varnell, the senior monitor of the ClamXAV forum of which I have used for over 13 years. The Clam Forum doesn’t use Facebook at all. It has its own forum. Ask Al...he tell you how to sign up. FB?
  5. Well, I don’t know I just got an email from Support...they asked me to tell them how they did in solving my trouble. But....they DID NOTHING...so I replied with a BIG “Terrible” vote. Are they brain dead? Note I DID give you the File with the non working URL... Why cant you help me? I thought Malwarebytes was a better at customer support than this. And, a forum CAN help if they have the data (as you have!) this is a mess JIMDB And I AM patient. I am just reporting what happened at Support. (NOTHING!) And hope somewhere in your organizati
  6. Al : Great hearing from you on this forum. Thanks for the info. I understand the dilemma. I very seldom get a infected msg any more . I believe ClamXAV is doing a stellar job. As I said earlier, I am terrified about Ransoms. Trying to recover from my SuperDuper backups is daunting. I guess I could do it, though. RansomWhere? works for me OK while Sentry is alive. See you again sometime Jim B
  7. Please see that GONZO gets this. The Support Ticket was a Complete disaster... They did NOTHING! {BTW... the failed Ticket # was 2402073) MR Gonzo... attached is a pdf that contains the errant file. Please look at it. Tell me what it won't load. Thanls, JimDB MAlwarebyte Failed URL.pdf
  8. I use Malwarebytes Ver 3.xx AND ClamXAV ver 3 on my macOS. So far no clashes. I also use RansomWhere? ...again other than false positives, no clashes ———————————————— Well...for those of us who use iPads for dayto day and macOS for occasional heavy lifting, Malwarebytes is a little behind re: iOS limitations. No cursor, no hovering over site data, etc. So, I power down MacOS every day...may not power up for a few days...so daily scheduling is of no use. I cant even login on iOS as a customer yet.... Manual scans are just fine. As AL says, scans in ClamXAAV are LONG..
  9. In another post I used iOS Files app to hold the PDF; then posted to GONZO the PDF from the Files app. Whew... what a hassle to do on iOS (rather than on macOS as you suggested). No “clicking” in iOS!! Or hovering cursor (yikes! No cursor!) BTW...I (and others I know) use iPads now instead of macOS for day to day usage. Yeah, I go to macOS for heavy lifting stuff but most of my basic use is on iPad . I cant even login in as customer using iOS...when will that occur? Thanx again for help Jim b
  10. I did it! Moved data file to “Files” then attached it to last post!...Wow...what a round about way to send info to you! Please get someone to put me on a list whereby the *** (cant say it...may awaken the error message!). Jim b
  11. Great! How/where are the PMs on the forum site? And can GONZO get the PDF from the Support group? Another question...the Forum wont allow me to get to my iBooks app (iOS Ver 11.4.1). It only allows access to the Files app....pretty useless , I think. Apple just cant think macOS while in iOS ?! Jim B
  12. The data is in a pdf file that was attached to my Support Ticket # 2402084 sent to the Support group yesterday. Jim
  13. I posted for first time this week. Got a reply from GONZO who asked my to post data about my problem. Post failed due to error msg that my post looked like ****. Can’t say it cause it may spook the reply. I posted a ticket at Malwarebytes Support. Jim B
  14. I rec’d email about a new pricing scheme ...$10 per device ...without changing activation key etc etc. When I ask to see the info on your site...no response...just trying to load the page. Whats going on?
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