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  1. Anyone successfully removed this threat? Nothing that I've tried so far has worked. It's the only thing Malware continues to find in its scan.
  2. Any suggestions, Thomas? Thanks for your help on this. Regards, John
  3. For some reason it still won't clear the files. I updated to the most up-to-date version. When I attempt to manually "move to trash", none of the files are moved to trash. My recycle bin is empty. I'm also getting a "remedy failed" message.
  4. "Show quarantine" opens up a file. Trying to manually send the files to the the trash and/or clicking "clear quarantine" does not work to remove the files. Restarting the computer has no effect either.
  5. When I enter into the terminal to delete the websecurity plugin, pasting script below, it asks for password with a little key icon. It doesn't allow me to enter a password. I am the admin of this computer. Where/how do I enter password? sudo chflags nosappnd /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/WebSecurity.plugin
  6. I run scan, then click on "show quarantine". A new window opens up. I select all quarantined files, then "move to trash." Nothing happens. I click on "clear quarantine", but none of the files are removed. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, John
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