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  1. Thank you for all the quick support and help you provide to me. You really save me from a complete disaster on my PC. Keep going on like this and be a"guarding angel" for all the pc users in this forum. I am now finishing the handling of the topic that I have opened here.
  2. first of all' there was no files that was flagged by norton during the whole infection. this is the only notification i got through out the whole infection' and it showed up over and over again. i will give you the log of norton that shows the notification i get when the system is attacked.
  3. Hi, the pc is working great without any malware inside the system. Thank you aura for the quick response and the overall help.
  4. So far so good. The computer bot without the notification and the malware. It’s seems like everything is ok now. Do I need to run any other anti virus tools?
  5. i also attach the quarantine.rar of FRST64. i am waiting for further instructions from you. again, thank you very much for your help. Quarantine.rar
  6. this is the log of the fix. should i restart my computer as the massage of FRST64 say? Fixlog.txt
  7. thank you for your quick response. i ran frst64 on safe mode an this are the logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Frst64 won’t run and also malwarebytes. It seems that the virus is blocking them from working. What should i do next?
  9. Hello, Recently i have downloaded a game from skidrow website. Since then, I am getting a norton security notification that say “norton blocked an attack by: system infected: bitcoinminer activity 7”. the symptoms of this was not be able to run malwarebytes or adwcleaner. Even typing malwarebytes on a browser is shutting it down. The combofix program make the notification go away and some how “clean” the computer and fix the problem. But when I restart my computer, the problem appears again with the same symptoms. I also tried to run malwarebytes chameleon and it runs perfectly, but the program do not find any thread in the system. Note that my cpu/gpu is not affected by that “thing”. Thank you for helping me!! I’m lost right now.
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