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  1. The problem was a bad database (a false positive in the MB database this morning, from the MB site). Once someone told me how to update the database by clicking on the tiny little "Current" link in the MB status screen, the problem went away. Yay!! I want to say thank you to the MB support guys - one here in the forum and one on the ticket (who explicitly pointed out the database upgrade link to me, labeled "Current" on the main status screen). Now, my business is back up and running again. Great support overall! Thank you!
  2. Here is a second set of log files, collected just now after me supposedly updating MB. I'm not sure at all that I "updated the database" because I couldn't find a button or link that explicitly said that. I run scans every day automatically (I think), so the database should never be far behind. Thank you for your help! mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Sorry to say, updating MB did not help. I'm not sure what you mean by "update my database." I looked around for such a link or button, but I found none. It should automatically update the database before each scan anyway, right? At any rate, I clicked a link for MB app updates, and it did something and wanted a restart. Afterwards it still immediately closed Word, before I chose a template file to load. PS. Also, I couldn't find my ticket number through any menu item, my profile, etc. If you could point me there, I would be grateful.
  4. Here are the log files. The tool also opened a ticket 239896. Maybe that will help. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I have a premium subscription; everything has been working fine for many months. Today MB started blocking MS Word because of a payload exploit. Word opens, and then is immediately closed by MB, even before I open a file. So, it's an application thing, it seems, not a file issue. MB pointed to a file Roaming/Grammarly/Updates/GrammarlyAddInSetup6.7.139.exe. This is the normal location for Grammary updates, it seems. There were files in there going back a year with different version numbers. (Could be old exploits too, I suppose; but I doubt it.) I am running the latest version of Grammarly, of course. I checked the Word file I was trying to load with VirusTotal - clean. I did a full scan of my system - clean. I checked the Roaming/Updates/etc folder for the file reported by MB - the 6.7.139.exe file does not exist. I deleted the whole Grammarly/Updates/* folder just to be sure, in case the file was hidden (although I have hidden files showing). The problem still remains - when I boot Word, it is immediately closed by MB, even before I open any specific Word file. I have attached a screenshot of the error. I'm not sure what to do next; working in MS Word is my daily business, so my business is down, and I am blocked. Help! Thank you
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