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  1. I use the last developer's version of MyAssays.Desktop.Analysis.exe (v. on my comp. So for me, it updates every day. Our clients still use an older version: 3.2 1.0.995.570 (released April 16th, 2018). But this month we will release v.4 Update for clients too.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. As you say Malwarebytes Pro was updated on Friday. And I got the current version. And it still blocks MyAssays.Desktop.Analysis.exe. So about what update you are asking?
  3. @miekiemoes It happens again - just a few minutes ago. New logs attached RansomwareBlocked.zip
  4. @miekiemoes Thank you for so fast reply! I will continue to use the trial version to make sure of this. Hope, it will not happen again.
  5. Hello there! I represent the https://www.myassays.com/ development team. We received several complaints from our customers that Malwarebytes Pro is blocking MyAssays.Desktop.Analysis.exe. So I used your trial version to explore this. Triggering does not occur when scanning. Detection happens by accident upon working with the application. There are no exact steps. I tried doing the same thing many times after reinstalling the MyAssays Desktop application, but Malwarebytes does not block the app again. I attach log files of my detection (detection log + json). Hope they will help you. Best regards, MyAssays Team. RansomwareBlocked.zip
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