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  1. I will say that I have two keys now, a much newer key and a much older 5+ year old key. The newer key is much better it has a cancel subscription link and can have computers added and removed from the subscription, their newer billing is now much improved. I had to get customer service to cancel my old key's renewal for me and I will add my pc to the newer key once the current old key expires. I think they have listened and I am glad, so if your only concern is cancellation/ability to turn off auto renewal it seems that is resolved.
  2. I do not consider the companies third rate, I do consider the customer service of both of these billing companies horrible. Malwarebytes if actually paying these companies anything for this horrible service should demand far better from these companies and that is what most of us are beating around a large circular bush about. I honestly like auto renewal, until I don't. When this first came up and I found out I need to go to a third party at all I thought that was terrible and as I said at the time I had no idea who that third party was as MWB uses multiple processors. This adds another layer of, in my opinion, unacceptable complexity to this issue. I stated this before and I still believe this, MWB can be the complete customer service star here by just informing their processors they must: Provide Easy opt out (They are paying these companies, they have the leverage) The Opt Out must be totally web based MWB should track the company used to have each user pay and a link should be on the users account page to a direct link that lets the end user shut off auto renew. There should be a positive confirmation in the form of a notice on your account page that your key will not bill for auto-renew. Anything less is not easy and not acceptable for a company that says they are out to protect users. So many other companies have this, hell every MMO game in history has this, even the small ones. All the A/V companies I have ever dealt with in my life does as well, and I have used more than a few over the years, Webroot, McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, E-Set, Trend Micro and Panda all have this ability. Time to join the rest of the community and get to modern billing.
  3. One thing I will say on this is the following, the big data you are talking about has nothing to do with what the likes of Malware Bytes collects. Big data vendors may try to use multiple sources and dredge up more and more data to develop an all encompassing picture of a unique user. These data sets are then shared among certain related companies and they manage to know your wife is pregnant before she does and know your favorite ice cream flavor, etc. These things however are not the fault of software telemetry, not even Microsoft's or Google's software telemetry, those things are tiny data blips amid the noise that the big data companies are sorting and collating that makes their predictions so accurate. Most of the problem data is coming from cookies, social media posts, store loyalty cards, news letters, web searches and public records like home purchases or tax rolls. Software telemetry seems like an insignificant fish in a sea of blue fin tuna and giant marlin.
  4. Found this rather interesting article on ZDnet from a few years ago. I tend to mostly agree, I will admit I have only simple telemetry allowed for Windows 10 but for the most part I only install software I feel comfortable with and try to stay away from services and sites that feel dangerous or exploitative. I do not see the huge deal with telemetry, for the most part from what I understand the whole process is harmless. Distrust of Telemetry
  5. This was more just me throwing in a comment based on what I see in my account. I am not contemplating filing suit merely explaining that I do not see a link on the Malware bytes page that lets me cancel auto renew and no phone number to call for this service. I honestly can say I do not recall which processor was used when I originally paid about 2 years ago and forcing people to try to figure that out does not seem simple is all I am saying. How Malware Bytes chooses to handle their internal politics aside, it seems a simple fix as I said to make sure no one will ever complain, put in a link to click on the my account page that will help the user cancel auto renewal and you are the good guys and no one ever asks how to do it in forums ever again. I can not see a downside to this unless you rely on people renewing without explicit authorization because they simply can not figure out how to stop it, which as I said is shady.
  6. Regardless of issues involved, here is a site which states the basic facts. State law does not care if you need to make a tough decision, the law is the law. Several states California and Connecticut along with Illinois and Oregon have extremely strict laws regarding auto renewals. https://www.lemberglaw.com/auto-renew-state-laws-a-comparison/
  7. This does seem a bit shady, auto renewal enabled by default and no way to simply click a link on the account control site provided by the vendor (you) to disable auto renewal may well be against several state consumer protection laws. I know Connecticut for example requires a simple opt out method for automatic re billing for any service. While you may debate the ease of this convoluted process, I am sure the Connecticut attorney general may well disagree. You guys are usually way above board so this odd issue with easy re billing control seems out of character and should be very easy to fix.
  8. Quite curious about these kinds of things as well, thanks for pursuing getting the information about the connections and sites and overviews of what they are used for. It is always great to have a clear picture of what the software does and what is expected so unusual behavior can be discovered and corrected. Thanks again Guys!
  9. I pay the premium for a commercial free existence and do like my no commercials no interruptions TV viewing. I honestly was so used to it that I got annoyed at my brothers house who uses Cox cable, we were watching Big Bang Theory and I had honestly forgotten that a half hour show was quite literally 17 minutes of content and 13 minutes of commercials once they were done speeding it up, putting PIP commercials over edges and streaming crap in bars at the bottom of the screen. I t was awful. I am so much happier with Netflix and 40+ years of back content to watch without all that junk.
  10. Thanks for the input I will check Wilders Security, I have never really browsed around that site. It looks like a lot of data on many interesting subjects.
  11. Thanks... you are but a stone's throw from me apparently here in good old Connecticut. glad to see the right coasters represent
  12. Is it ok to ask the opinions of some of the more experienced security guys here on the usefulness of a VPN service? I have been seeing a lot of ads for them on many of my favorite tech you tubers channels, I am more looking for actual experience with and real world benefits not from an advertisement. Also if anyone does use one or has done the research and subscribed to one are there any recommended ones? Preferably easy to use and configure. If this is not OK or against forum rules please feel free to lock or remove this. Thanks Dave
  13. I do like MBAM... I have my occasional issues, like a quick popup that MBAM is inactive, but I think that is Windows 10 playing games not MBAM.. Also every now and again they tweak something that causes MBAM to go crazy, but overall, yes I firmly agree that MBAM is excellent protection with a small footprint, which I love as I like to be able to play games without my PC being impacted by my safety software. Kind of like the good old days of the late nineties when windows defrag used to kick in and cripple your computer for 2 or 3 hours any old time it wanted... and many users myself included invested in third party defrag because it was so bad These days with the financial bad actors out there and the stakes of the game are huge and MBAM has kept me and my family safe far as I can tell. Which is about the best one can hope for.
  14. Yeah I think I have joined the darned whippersnappers crowd... having hit 50 this year... I do not feel old yet, and I try to stay in the loop on tech, but I do find the constant connectivity crowd with the need for instant appreciation and back pats a little distressing. Heck, I see series that last 4 episodes and are cancelled and it hurts, many of the best series from the 60s through 90s took a season or two of struggle to hit a stride and become fantastic, lasting for many more seasons. Anyway... discussion has been nice but to get back into what is watched...:) the topic of the hour... I have also picked up to start watching Haven again. A little Steven King is always entertaining. We will see how the future rolls, I hope you are right and I hope that consumer outrage is enough to make them stop with the really junky one offs of services. I can understand the desire to profit off your work, but locking things in walled gardens only limits your viewers and lessens the value of the series as a whole. Dave
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