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  1. Just as a quick update, I did whitelist them, but still shouldn't be doing that. Gmail itself has been acting weird, still have the "Happy 15th Birthday GMail" loading screen four days after the fact.
  2. Hey everyone, Woke up this morning to see that my Gmail and Hangouts images were all replaced with broken link images. Thought it might just be Gmail, but as it turns out, it was the Malwarebytes Extension. Have about five different extensions right now and that was the only one causing an issue. Any ideas on a fix for this?
  3. Yeah, I figured if it were actually Malware, it wouldn't be contained to non-secure sites. Thanks!
  4. On second glance, I DO believe I'm using Optimum (living in a new apt, completely slipped my mind).
  5. Additionally, I should also say I use the AdBlock and FBPurity extensions. Don't know if that info helps.
  6. I'm noticing that whenever I go to a non-secure site in Chrome, I sometimes get a pop up for Optimum asking if I'm the owner of an account. Usually a refresh takes it away. Initially, I thought it was one site that I go to, but I'm noticing pop up on one or two others now, the link being the fact that the sites on not secure according to Chrome. Did a Malware scan and nothing is coming up and I have the Beta extension in place. I'm starting to think this is either A. An issue with the version I have of Chrome, itself or B. My router possibly? I don't use Optimum, so I have no idea what's going on.
  7. Hey guys, Opened an incognito window today and typed in a site only to be redirected to theappzworld page. I read online that this is malware. Did a scan and nothing came up in my system. I couldn't get my browser to do it again, so I'm assuming that maybe I typed the wrong address or something. Any ideas?
  8. Yeah, it was just being kind of inconsistent when I first downloaded it. Like, I'd set for a certain time, close/hide the window (not the program), and it wouldn't scan. Then today, I noticed it began to scan with the window closed. Maybe it was just a bit finicky?
  9. This was more or less the issue, so yes, thank you for clearing that up. I found the best way to keep a consistent scan going is to keep the Malwarebytes window open and it will scan accordingly. If it's closed, it doesn't seem to do so, even when I'm just casually browsing. But you were right, I was confusing scans with protection updates. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Another quick update, now it's not even listing them (or actively scanning for that matter) while the window itself is open. It just claims it scanned in the dropdown. This is very bizarre given that it listed all of them from Friday night into Saturday afternoon.
  11. Thing is, I also noticed this happen when my computer was on and I was using it, but the Malwarebytes window was closed (while the program itself was on). So I'll get the update that it scanned in that dropdown menu, but not in the actual reports. I noticed that if I schedule a new scan, it will report it on the first hour, but every hour after that, it won't. I also opened my laptop this morning and noticed that it didn't even attempt the next scheduled scan. Is this maybe a potential problem with the trial version?
  12. Downloaded it straight from Malwarebytes.com. The dropdown is on my desktop and the reports are in the program itself? I actually posted this in the wrong forum, as it should be in the general support section. Initially, I had the scans set to every hour (on the half hour). I closed the main window and I went out at around 2:15 and it listed the last scan when I got back at around 5:33, which is was show in the dropdown in the above pic, but not in the below pics report section. I did another quick experiment where I changed the clock to start a scan at the top of the hour, every hour. It did it at 7, with the window closed and gave me a report, but again, when the 9 o'clock rolled around, it just gave me a report in that drop down, but not in the reports section. I'm assuming it's just an issue with the display going to sleep at this point. Hope the pics help.
  13. Left my computer on for about three hours to go out and do some stuff. When I came back, my display was asleep (had to wake back up) and I noticed that from the time I left till the time I'd come back, nothing was reported. I noticed there WAS a report listed in the drop down that wasn't listed in the reports section as well. Note that the main window for MB itself was closed, as well and the scans were routine, not manual. What's going on here?
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