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  1. Alright, both Windows and Malwarebytes updated succesfully Thank you very much, I'm not the most tech savvy so I just wanted to be sure it'd be OK to restart during the (ghost?) update. Seems to have all done the trick fine!
  2. So reading about the new update today I figured I would update, I was on 1.0.810 I believe, I can't currently check due to being stuck on the screen attached. The update has been stuck for the past fifteen minutes however when usually these finish almost instantly. As there is no good old progress bar I don't really have a way to tell if it's doing anything either. I did notice that a few seconds after I started the update Windows asked me to restart my PC to finish it's updates as well (Would have been good to tell me you're updating stuff, Windows..). My question is, could this hav
  3. That is extremely good to know, thank you! With this in mind I'm setting mine to never register before upgrading after all, just to be on the safe side.
  4. Thanks for the clarification The reason I wasn't sure is due to the default behavior changing for fresh installs and the lack of mention about the "let Malwarebytes decide" option in the quoted bit. This made me think the new recommendation by the program itself would be to register itself.
  5. In regards to this bit from the sticky'd / pinned thread; "If you are upgrading from Malwarebytes 3.x, then the behavior is a little different. Your current Windows Security Center registration information for Malwarebytes 3.x will carry over. For example, if you have Malwarebytes 3.x registered in Windows Security Center, then that is what you will see with 4.0. If instead, Malwarebytes 3.x is not registered in Windows Security Center, then it will not register on upgrade to Malwarebytes 4.x and will instead remain in compatibility mode unless you change this in Malwarebytes 4.0’s Settin
  6. Hi So today suddenly my malwarebytes tray icon vanished. Fair enough, happened before, no problem. So I go on to start malwarebytes again only to be greeted by an error about mbcut.dll not being found and that reinstalling the program may fix this. I'm dutch and so is my system and program settings so I unfortunately don't know what the full error would have been in English nor did I think to grab a screenshot - I started panicking at this point. I also checked task manager and no malwarebytes programs were running. I didn't really want to uninstall because quite frankly 1. I am *hor
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