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  1. I've deleted my chrome browser and using opera: how can i remove both extensions?
  2. Ok, here we go again... In my Program Files I found few strange folders (with names like "0CSP3SO7LP" or "FNG3ROMKWQ" etc.) with .config files: can I remove 'em? summary.txt AdwCleaner[S03].txt AdwCleaner[C03].txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. nothing at all after first scan, but when i've changed parameters (just system drive was added) there was 17 treats: all are deleted now, but malwarebytes still stoping some pop-ups and there's one file in app data, which is impossible to remove...
  4. well, just one "attack" after that action and restart, but almost everything is "frozen" for few seconds: browser, mouse, keyboard... Fixlog.txt
  5. Thanks for quick reply! I've attached all logs and now waitin' 4 next instructions... scanresult.txt AdwCleaner[C02].txt Addition.txt
  6. Hi! After a stupid mistake my laptop is infected by some freaky pop-ups and other hijacking shite: I've tried to fix it by myself, but still have these issuues... Any idea how to resolve it? Hanx!
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