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  1. Per your original post: I did not receive iOS Beta Test invite within 48 hours, so am posting query as instructed.
  2. Roodan, I don't work for either Apple or Malwarebytes, so this is just my two-cents-worth... I believe you miss a key point. Mojave 10.14 is still only BETA software, so it is only logical and reasonable to expect that some Apple and/or third-party apps may not work as desired, properly or at all. Once macOS Mojave is no longer in beta, then it will be reasonable to expect both Apple and third-party app developers to release updates. However, issuing thinly-veiled ultimatums is unprofessional and simply not cool. If you browse these forums, you'll see that periodically new betas of Malwarebytes are being released. Keep an eye on these pages and you'll eventually may be able to join in beta-testing. In the meanwhile, relax and be patient like the rest of us.
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