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  1. No, I did not mention OnyX however both Clean My Mac 3 and CCC required full system access.
  2. Both iMazing and Carbon Copy Cloner have released versions for Mojave beta. CCC have already updated Thier first version. Mac's Fans Control and Clean My Mac 3 have already released Mojave versions and this was weeks ago. Three out of four required system access vie security settings so I disagree. Malware bytes is clearly dragging Thier feet.
  3. Thomas, that's what I was hoping for. A beta of Malwarebytes to try with the close to final Mojave beta. In that way we can work out who needs to fix what. I don't expect miracles, I realize coding is complex and difficult. I am actively involved in the public beta testing program with Apple and some other developers. It is a hobby/pastime for me, I don't download beta software just to be first on the block with a new OS. I would like to think I make a small but positive contribution to the development of new software. I do not run beta OS's on my primary drive so I am quite prepared to loose everything should the worst happen. I do all my testing on cloned versions of my internal drive housed in external Thunderbolt SSD's running as boot volumes. Thanks for your reply, I am still using your excellent product on my primary drive and could copy it across but it's not that simple as I'm sure you will understand.
  4. My threat was not intended to be veiled, thinly or otherwise. As this is a paid for version of the app I expect it to keep working even if not fully functional. To release an update with no warning that this will render the app unusable and that it cannot be reinstalled because of macOS version limitations is what I would call unprofessional. As a registered user I would not have thought it too unreasonable to expect an email or news letter warning of the issue. The app was working albeit perhaps not perfectly prior to initiating the suggested update. So it was totally unexpected when I found that it could not be reinstalled. Lastly this is an app which removes/quarantines known Malware according to known descriptions not an app which needs to interact much with the OS. It's hard to believe that there may be new malware already that targets some intrinsic weakness in Mojave. The current version works with El Capitan through to High Sierra and I find it hard to believe that Mojave is that different to High Sierra. High Sierra was a much more dramatic change with it's new filing system (APFS). Lastly it is perfectly reasonable to be able to test third party apps with a public beta operating system. Apple has a purpose made Feedback Assistant for this. I already have updated apps for Mojave from third party developers and finding out if they function as intended when it may indeed turn out to be an Apple issue might be a good idea. I now find myself without a product I have paid for but cannot reinstall. Why not a beta version of Malwarebytes for Mojave? P.S. I am already enrolled in the Malwarebytes beta program.
  5. Yep, I'm in complete agreement with you Jeff. Now would be the time to start releasing a Malwarebytes beta for Mojave. I'm running the ninth build of macOS 10.14 now and as far as I can see its about as stable as it could get. Now if I could just get a version of OnyX for Mojave too.
  6. I have recently updated my OS to macOS Mojave 10.14 Public Beta (18A365a). I previously had Malwarebytes Premium installed and appeared to be working fine however today I attempted to allow an update with the result that the app simply hangs. I uninstalled the app but now find I cannot reinstall because the installer will only allow installation to High Sierra or earlier. Mojave is in its ninth build and release is scheduled for Sept so must be nearing finished state. My subscription is due for renewal in Sept so I would like to think a compatible version of Malwarebytes would be available soon if not now or I will be cancelling my automatic renewal.
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