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  1. The first 2 I listed and: https://coach.miss-hits.co.uk/ To re-iterate, since we changed servers (as detailed in my 1st post), MalwareBytes flags these sites as hijacked. The IP addresses your support provided me became ours AFTER the dates you scanned them.
  2. You're not telling me how to move forward. There is no advice whatsoever. Again, the IP you are referring to was blocked on 29 July, according to the support guys, and we took that IP after that date as I have already said. The IP does not host "many" domains, just 3 and they are all related to each other. I was referred here from your support ticket guys for help. Can you please offer advice on how to help your customers accessing these sites please. Not all of them are able to add the sites as Exclusions. Thank you.
  3. Support told me that they were and to post it here. Can someone please help me help your customers please.
  4. Hi, I am a web developer and 2 of our sites that we host have recently been blacklisted by MalwareBytes. https://miss-hits.co.uk/ https://miss-hits.club/ Both sites were switched from a VPS server in Norway to one in Canada in August, meaning brand new IP addresses, and it was after the switch that users of MalwareBytes started getting "Hijack" errors when trying to access the sites. Your support advised me that: "From our Research Team. Blocked for Hijack.Browlock, Fraud.Fake.TechSupport on 2018-07-29" Please note that we took the
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