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  1. I'm happy to report that installing MB to C:\Program Files seems to have cured the problem. I haven't had the message box pop up since re-installing earlier this afternoon, so a big thank you to exile360 for having such good recall and sharing it with us!
  2. Ok then. The re-installation is complete and "About" now shows "Component package version 1.0.391" as it should. It remains to be seen if it has also cleared the Real-Time Protection pop-up message box error, but I certainly hope so! Thanks exile360!
  3. exile360 That's interesting, and I haven't heard about it before. I install all my "utility" programs (such as 7-Zip, MB, Speccy, Winmerge etc) to E:\Utilities - which MB allows you to do, it prompts for a program installation location of your choice. So I'll uninstall MB again and try a re-install to the default location at C:\Program Files and see what happens. Wish me luck, lol.
  4. I've been having this problem for about 3 weeks now. Whether I'm browsing Reddit, YouTube or playing a game, up pops the "Real-Time Protection turned off" message box about every 5 minutes or so. I downloaded MB installer, uninstalled MB completely, re-booted and re-installed again but I still have the pop-up at the same frequency. It's incredibly irritating. BTW? Before the uninstall/re-install I followed the suggestions at the top of this topic but it changed nothing. The new installation is showing "Component package version 1.0.0" despite the download file being named "...". Is there anything else I can do? P.S. In the time it took to type this post, the pop-up appeared three times.
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