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  1. Same on my Moto G6 Forge. It's the same as the Moto G6 play. The play is being sold through AT & T and the forge is cricket. Won't allow uninstall only to disable. Contacted cricket both over the phone and on chat. Completely useless. They said that it was my Avira software that I had installed on my phone. They said my only option was to disable it. These morons have never even heard of a Avira. One of them even said that perhaps if you upgraded your software to a paid version it might disable or uninstall the app. Hello! I do have a paid version you moron. Then all three agents that I have been talking to this week gave the final answer of perhaps it's Motorola's issue. Contacted Motorola they said they've been aware of this setup and transfer application, AKA Trojan Banker malware, connected to AT & T and Cricket since January 2018. Unfortunately they're unable to assist. Motorola tried harder and did everything possible. They did 50 times more to help me than the hour-and-a-half that I spend on two phone calls and chat sessions with Cricket and AT & T. I found several posts about the setup and transfer malware issue in the AT & T and Cricket forums. So they're well aware of the issue but still do nothing. can someone please please help me remove this from my phone. Is there any solution? I've owned this phone for about a week and so it wasn't a big deal to do a factory reset. I've done this twice now. The second time around I almost screwed up in the completely locked up my phone. Is there any help out there because AT & T, and Cricket for that matter, aren't doing jack with the exception of taking our money and casting blame anywhere else except for themselves.
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