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  1. I hope i helped! Have a nice day/night dear Chloe!
  2. Hello Aura! Here is the detection (I removed my user name from there just beacuse of privacy) MalwareDetection.txt
  3. Okay you don't have to worry then just a false positive.
  4. So are you trying to say it just downloaded by itself?
  5. Hello dear Chloe! If it detects as a trojan its probably false positive. Or it might be a trojan if you haven't downloaded that program from official site of the creators.
  6. Hello everybody, I've recently used Time Machine to recover my PC to older date and now everytime i run malwarebytes scan it detects a virus called Riskware.Bitcoinminer i deleted it... After few hours i did same thing with scanning with malwarebytes.It just keeps coming back everytime... Please help.
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