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  1. Updating to 261 did work (after a reboot), it hadn't prompted me for a reboot after installing the updated version.
  2. just downloaded from the link above, the file version is 1.2.70 which isnt mentioned as a release ? and the installed version is actually ? which isnt mentioned as a release ?
  3. same problem here. had to reset laptop since new windows build, 1st time trying to launch since reinstalling and i get same error. (have never used laplink that im aware of).
  4. doesn't work for me, i cant stream anything on amazon with it enabled, and if i have to keep turning it off, it somewhat defeats the purpose of the program.
  5. Using outlook 2010 i am unable to check emails from gmail with this enabled, i get the message " check support google mail answer 78754" and it will not access the account.
  6. excluding works yes but is hardly ideal
  7. oh and also ARW.7z if these are needed too
  8. Occurred again with new build of file, new build attached, and the logs, i hope these are the right ones, i turned event log data on. Desktop.7z
  9. Haven't tried yet will try taking the rule off later and post confirming. Attached are the files. Desktop.7z
  10. Desktop.7z And why on earth if i click restore does the program immediately block it again.
  11. blocking new version yet again, please stop this happening.
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