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  1. it took about 30 minutes to install on each of my PC's too
  2. i have the updated mentioned in post above, malwarebytes tells me its up to date but i still got that popup when i opened the check for updates page in windows 10
  3. Hi appears to be blocking the above, and preventing sign into Microsoft Mixer is this intended ? Thanks.
  4. Ty for advice, have moved it for now. I find it worrying they allow you to install it anywhere though, and by doing so the program may not even function.
  5. I would also note if you try install malwarebytes and it tells you it has to reboot to complete the installation, then it ignores the folder you specified and installs to the default of programfiles anyway
  6. i did clean installs and 2 PC's ended up on right version 2 ended up on version 1.0 like saslic... what a mess only thing in common is the two that updated to 1.0.391 installed on the C drive, those not on C drive are stuck on 1.0.0 Every time i click install updates from within program it tells me its doing so, and nothing happens. As with others im not installing a beta to fix problems, though to be fair a lot of the updates since release of version 3 have felt like a beta anyway
  7. 4 different computers, some using free some using paid, none of them will update from 1.03.74 using install updates from within program or the installer linked above
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