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  1. Just checked it, you are right. Kika keyboard is the culprit indeed. Guess i'm going to use an other keyboard then...
  2. I guess this is a fairly new proplem, since we all got it but cant really find anything about it online... if you know google "searchingdog virus" there are a bunch of sites popping up that literally use my screenshot that i posted here... and they offer to have a solution for it, but i guess its a all scam because they talk about removing it on PC, whilst our problem is obviously on android -.-
  3. So since today i suddenly have a virus (presumably adware?) on my adroid phone (samsung galaxy S7). I don't recall clicking any other links than what i would usually do or downloading anything different, so i have no idea where this came from. However this is the problem: When I open my browser (chrome or the standard samsung broswer, doesnt matter) the usual samsung homepage opens up fine. Sidenote: CM browser (Cheetah mobile) is not affected with this adware/malware/virus But whatever I type in the adress bar, wether its just a keyword or a full domain, it always refers me to this site: If i just clock the google.nl link on there, then it just goes to the google site normally. But everytime i type something in the adress bar, i get this searchingdog search engine showing up... I've tried searching for it and i've only found one issue on the google productforums, but they basically didnt reply to it... so i dont know how to get rid of it. I tried several virus scanners, malwarebytes including, and none could find an issue on my device. The normal search engine is set to google so thats not the problem either. I hope you guys can help me out with this.
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