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  1. not yet I have to do that this evening, because other people are also using the router at the moment
  2. the registry scan didnt find anything Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 02.08.2018 durchgeführt von cedi (11-08-2018 16:25:16) Gestartet von C:\Users\cedi\Downloads Start-Modus: Normal ================== Registry-Suche: "" =========== ====== Ende von Suche ======
  3. here is the fixlog of the first try the problem persists Fixlog.txt
  4. there was neither anything in the host file nor anything unusual in the connection settings just the automatically detect is active and no proxy
  5. I run the porogramm and it found some stuff from clover I had that programm since a couple of years so I dont think that is the problem ReportRogue.txt
  6. Iwill go on holiday on monday so if possible I would like to resolve this problem until then if possible ^^
  7. No the bitcoin notification is coming from norton anti virus.
  8. Hello I followed your steps and got the fixlog.txt but the bitcoin miner notification persists, but it seems that the computer is working faster. Fixlog_06-08-2018 20.50.21.txt
  9. Since a couple of weeks I'm always getting an bitcoin miner activity warning from my norton and even though I used the power eraser and malwarebytes the message is still popping up. My Pc is also quite slow since then so I guess there is a connection. I would like to get help solving this issue. Thank you Addition_31-07-2018 20.21.18.txt FRST_31-07-2018 20.21.18.txt
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