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  1. Run a full Bullguard scan then use the Adwcleaner from Malwarebytes, its a free download. Then check and reset your Firefox program using 'refresh-firefox-reset-add-ons-and-settings' in Mozilla suppport. I wrote a url for this but the Malwarebytes forum rules won't allow hyperlinks......there's a thing! Worked for me, no sign of Mapseasy after a hard reboot and another mawarebytes scan.... Good luck! Chris
  2. Hello! I think I’ve managed to sort mine by trying something else. When I get back to the office I will upload a different link that may help you. I’m away for two days. Chrisp
  3. My Firefox web browser running on Windows 10 has been hijacked by malware 'Mapseasy.net' and my usual Bullguard antivirus system has failed to detect and remove it. They recommended using Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 7.2.2 but this program has not detected any threat either and its basic repair tab has made no difference. Currently I can't load any new screens via Firefox, everything reverts to the Mapseasy splash screen. Any suggestions as to how I can say goodbye to this little gem? Thanks! https://search.mapseasy.net/is
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